Latest Adventures of Dick & Tammy
(and, of course, Ann Margret Douse)
April 2008

Back to Arches National Park
and beyond . . .

Tammy and I have never had enough of Arches National Park.  This spring marked the third time in as many years
that we decided to vacation there.  This time we rendezvous with long time friends, Tom and Judy Osgood.  They
camped with us for four days while we hiked the various trails to the many arches.

Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch is one of our favorites.  To get
there you hike about two miles up slickrock. 
It's a gentle climb and most anyone in halfway
decent shape and good health can easily do it. 
And, the reward is spectacular.

The hikeAlmost there!There it is!

Dick, Tammy, and Tom took the ranger guided trek into the Firey Furnace, so named, not because it's hot but
because when the sun is out the colors of the rock walls and fins look firey.  This was a second time for Dick &
Tammy but a first for Tom.  As luck would have it, halfway through it began to rain!  Now that doesn't happen
very often and we were able to see first hand how a little rain on non-absorbent rock turns every crevice into a
rushing stream.

Rain aheadGetting wetSoaked & slippery

Other days were spent visiting old friends, like Landscape Arch, which may not be around too much longer as it is
literally falling apart, and others.

Landscape ArchAnother arch
Stay tuned . . .
I'll update this as other adventures happen!