We live in challenging times.

Our world is slowly heating up. If climate change due to human activity is allowed to continue, civilization as we know it will end.

However, it is difficult to imagine any solution so long as we continue to grow in population.

In this novel, two friends, both distinguished scientists, recognize the enormity of this problem and each will attempt to address it using his own particular talents and expertise.

Even so, with each man following his own moral compass, conflict is inevitable as each believes only his way is right. While both approaches could help, one is truly our only hope.

Within this reality churns a story of adventure, danger, promise, and heartbreak as the participants in one experiment attempt to survive in a harsh and unfamiliar environment, while a participant in another experiment defies her boss and in so doing unwittingly puts our entire human population at risk.

How this novel was born

     A number of years ago I had the unique experience of living outside, without tent or toilet, under the trees by a small stream in Northern Arizona for three months.  With me were my wife, Tammy, and two of our children, the other two being old enough to see the folly in this.  However, from this experience came knowledge and a desire to share what we learned.  

    In writing, Our Only Hope, I drew on a lifetime of personal experiences.  As a young man I had been fortunate to meet, Allan J. Stover, an exceptional human being. A retired professor, naturalist, and artist, he became a mentor and friend and helped open my eyes to our natural world in more ways than I can say.  Special thanks must also go to the late Erwin and Cherry Yarnell who taught at various schools on the Navajo reservation many years ago, and who allowed their young nephew to spend several summers with them, watching and learning.  

    Other experiences that proved helpful in writing this story include my time as photographer, first with the U.S. Navy and later with General Dynamics/Pomona.  My writing experience includes articles that have appeared in a national magazines, as well as a book on real estate investment. 

    You may may purchase the book from Amazon for either paperback or Kindle by clicking on the picture, or here.  If you are ordering it in paperback, the book will be printed and sent to you the moment you place your order.  To order in paperback directly from the publisher, CreateSpace, click this link.

    Now then, remember that this is a fictional tale.  When your book arrives, find a comfortable chair, pour a glass of your favorite wine, and settle back to enjoy a short trip into our future. 

about the author

Richard and his wife, Tammy, can be found on a 38 acre property in northern California that is kept in its natural state for the benefit of local wildlife. They live in a very modern off grid home that Ann Margret, their cat, is absolutely certain they built for her.  She also claims the middle of the bed and, all too often, the computer keyboard.

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