the scoop on Richard T. Douse  (Tammy's husband - Ann's servant)                    updated August 28, 2018

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Briefly, here is what Richard has been up to:   
He was a photographer in the U.S. Navy and, later, for General Dynamics/Pomona. 
Within a year or two he became Leadman of the Color Photography Department and Audio Visual Department. 
He still thinks it was the best job he ever had. Since moving to Shasta county, he has sold cars, furniture, and for many years, real estate. 
He retired in June of 2002 from the Shasta County Assessor's Office where he was an appraiser of residential real estate.

The Next - an omen
Richard enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, and writing.  He has written articles that have been published in Real Estate Today magazine and published a small handbook on real estate investment titled, The Gold Book, your Guide to Real Estate Investment

 The Next - an omen, is a novel now available from Amazon. Here is a link to a few reader's comments.

If you enjoy light poetry from time to time, take a look at Richard's poem book titled, "The Ballad of Dead-eye Jim and other poems now available on Kindle.   You can find it Here!


The Gold Book

Richard also likes to build stuff such as garages, and even houses (Rocky Top).  And, he is adept at learning things the hard and
sometimes painful way. 

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Richard  (Tammy too) believes that climate change, brought about by Global Warming, is the greatest threat humanity has ever faced and that our runaway world population growth will make solving this problem almost impossible.  In trying to do our part, we make our own electricity from the sun, collect rainwater off our roof, use a Prius for most of our driving, and no longer eat beef, pork, or chicken.

However, in order to do more on a local level we joined and support the work of Shasta Land Trust that works to protect valuable watershed throughout Shasta County by helping willing landowners place conservation easements on their land.

To learn more of the wonderful work they do, and how you can join and help, click on their name or logo.  One does not need to live in Shasta County or even  California for that matter, to be a member.  If, after exploring the web site, you feel that Shasta Land Trust is an organization you wish to help, please do!  As you will see, becoming a member is easy and will be much appreciated. 

Richard has produced two short videos that show why we help conserve and why we protect.    They are:
Why We Conserve  and Guarding our Watershed  (be patient while they load).
Here are links to a couple articles he's written and were published in newspapers and online magazines in recent years:

The Third Rail - our runaway population problem

       Vanishing Open Spaces

And here's a link to some American history I'll bet you didn't learn in school:

 On a Tuesday afternoon in February 1932, my father's best friend and flying buddy, Robert Short, became 
the first American killed
in aerial combat with the Japanese.  
He was a real American hero in every sense of the word.
He should be remembered.

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